DIY Pimple Spot Treatment | 3 Household Items to Spot Treat Acne

We’ve all been there… one minute you’re fine then you look in the mirror and BAM there’s a pimple staring dead at you. While I know my eating habits, stress levels and lack of sleep are probably the reasons, I wanted to share 3 household items that can help you get rid of that zit quick! (This is by no means a permanent fix for sever acne, and I strongly suggest seeing  dermatologist for any serious skin concerns, just sharing my experience in hopes that it may help)


So before you start squeezing and popping, here are 3 items you can probably find in your kitchen that can you can use as a topical treatment to help you get rid of that zit!



Honey has been known to have antibacterial properties, and has been used to help the heal wounds. These same antibacterial properties can help when trying to combat the acne causing bacteria.  I usually use it as an overnight treatment by applying unprocessed honey on the pimple before bed, and then washing it off in the morning. My zit has usually been reduced dramatically or has gone away all together.

In doing my research I’ve found that honey (with cinnamon)can also been used as a weekly mask to prevent acne.




The citric acid of lemon juice acts as an antiseptic that helps to unclog the pores. The acidity of the lemon makes it hard for the bacteria thrive. Lemon Juice can also be used as an astringent, removing excess oils from your skin, acting as a mild exfoliant to help your pores appear smaller.

When I use lemon juice, I am very carefully to dilute the juice with water and only use it  when I have a bad breakout and when my skin seems to be extremely oily. While the properties of lemon juice can help with combating bad bacteria, like any other astringent, if used in excess  it can also remove good bacteria and begin to strip your skin of its natural moisture.




Sebum is a common factor when it comes to acne, too much of it can lead to sever acne, and an super oily complexion. Green tea inhibits the production of sebum by 50% so when used in moderation it can potentially help with acne breakouts. It has properties that can reduce irritation, inflammation and protect against the free radicals that cause acne. Green tea also contains antioxidants, which are essential to healthy skin.

To use I cleanse my face and after brewing my tea, I allow the bag to cool then use the bag to exfoliate the area.  I allow the teas to dry for at least 5 mins and then I rinse with cool water.

I am not a professional, and these are just some remedies I’ve tried before so please try at your own risk. As I previously mentioned  consult with your dermatologist for serious skincare concerns. Also make sure you are not allergic to tea, honey, or green tea. And if you do attempt to try any of these please use in moderation.



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