The Real Reason You Won’t Find Me in the Club

Let’s kick this blog entry off by stating this type of blog is out of the norm and I’m trying new things with my platform. Now that that’s out of the way let’s get down to it…

The title is a bit of a fib because you should never say never, and truth be told if one of my besties really wanted me to, I’d go (special occasions only though).

While scrolling through social media I found myself analyzing and comparing my social life to the likes of others. Asking myself ‘Why aren’t you fun anymore?’ ‘Why aren’t you out with your friends. Believe it or not I use to frequent the club… damn near every weekend to be honest but then something happened… I guess you can call it PERSONAL GROWTH. This is not to say people who are still clubbing aren’t ‘grown’ or haven’t ‘grown up’ I’m simply saying I out grew the club.

Let’s be real… in life we only do the things that satisfy us, and I am NO longer satisfied by that lifestyle. It use to be a thrill to get dressed, do my makeup, fix my hair and hit the town, but now I feel like wearing heels all night in a crowded club to drink and vibe/dance to the music EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, just isn’t worth it for me. It works on occasion but I cannot bring myself to be a regular face at any given club. I love seeing other people (especially young people) out partying and vibing but its just not for me anymore.

I find intimate settings more appealing( add wine, cocktails, good food and good conversation to make it even more AMAZING), increasing my savings more exciting,  reaching my business goals more enjoyable than the club. (NO lie as I write this my phone just went off with a notification from a paypal deposit that I wasn’t expecting… my real life definition of LIT) I’m so focused on accomplishing my personal goals that the idea of clubbing just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

So to everyone who’s ever asked me(including myself) why they never see me out anymore… this is why. I used to feel bad about it, I use to feel like I was losing myself… but I simply outgrew the old me… to elevate yourself you have to let go of the things you feel are weighing you done… and that did it for me. I strongly encourage everyone to do what suits your soul, do what makes YOU happy and NEVER feel bad or guilty for putting YOU first!


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