My ‘Neu’ Winterized Beauty Regimen




With the dry winter weather we’re having here, I’ve decided to show my skin even more love by incorporating some new Neutrogena makeup products into my daily beauty regimen.

Products that not only help your skin look better, but are  better for your skin than not wearing any makeup at all?!

Neutrogena has a variety of different cosmetic products that cater to your specific skin type. Whatever your skin needs, they’ve got it!

I chose to include their SkinClearing and  HydroBoost   line of products for my #neuyearneuyou beauty regimen makeover.

I tend to reach for the Neutrogena® SkinClearing  Complexion Perfector and Neutrogena® SkinClearing Mineral Powder when my skin is breaking out. The SkinClearing  line of products was designed for acne-prone skin and breakouts.

  • The light coverage from the Complexion Perfector helps to cover my blemishes, and the formula helps to clear my breakouts the more I use it.  It works wonders because it gives me the perfect amount of coverage without irritating my skin.

  • The Mineral Powder is possibly the most mattifying powder I own. It instanly gives me a matte finish and the dual-sided applicator allows me to achieve the coverage I’m looking for at the moment. The mineral powder is super absorbent and cuts through oil to unclog my pores.


I HIGHLY recommend these products if you have acne-prone skin or if you’re like me who typically use to avoid makeup when breaking out.

Another couple other additions are their new Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint  and Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Concealer . This HydroBoost  line of products is definitely a God-send when battling dry winter skin!

  • My new go to is the Neutrogena® Hydro Boost Hydrating Tint . There is such a difference compared to your favorite foundation. This is a lighter coverage but it leaves your skin looking youthful, soft and healthy. Not only does my skin look good but it FEELS good. The formula allows for an effortless application that doesn’t crease or accentuate fine lines.


  • The  HydroBoost Hydrating Concealer  has a unique hydrating core to help add the much needed moisture while it camouflages dark circles and brighten your under eyes. This formula is extremely bendable and literally glides onto your skin. While I wouldn’t recommend this product to conceal acne scars, or  blemishes(check out the SkinClearing for that) I highly recommend this to highlight and brighten the high points of your face for a fresh and youthful look.


All in all, I strongly recommend checking these products out, you get a bang for you buck, you get quality products to enhance your natural beauty and the products are tailored to help your skin be its best!



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