From the desk of Kiss-n-Makeup:

Cleveland born and raised I graced the earth 24 years ago. 22 years in, for some crazy reason this guy wanted to marry me so now I’m going by Angel Davis. (shout out to the hubby) I will be married for 3 years This Jan.

My husband is in the Air force and we are currently stationed in Germany. While being here my love for all things beauty grew and developed into something I can say I’m proud of! Jobs are scarce here so I started playing in makeup and it kind of just grew from there!

Being new to YouTube can be challenging but being persistent and being your true self I believe will get you far, but it will take TIME!

I am a firm believer in doing what makes your heart smile and I can say I am doing just that!

Being the perfectionist I am, no matter how “good” I may get I will forever look for ways to better whatever I’m putting my time into!

So lovely people head over to my channel, I will be having Tutorials weekly on makeup, weaves and natural styles. Be on the lookout for videos on Q&As, Product Reviews, Relationship Advice and of course everyone’s favorite GIVEAWAYS!

Life is too short, so every chance you get, get cute and



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