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Hey there my name is Austin Molina. I was born and raised in Belize city, Belize. I am a very outspoken person, I’m very talented and creative. I’ve been doing makeup  since I was little. I could remember I would steal my mother’s make up and do my eyebrows. Even as a child my eyebrows were everything to me and growing up I watched YouTube and I learned on my own. I remember watching YouTube like it was television.

I have been doing my makeup for some time now but I’ve really gotten better at it about a year or two ago. I eventually started doing videos and posting pictures. I wont  say it’s one of the most easiest things to do because here in Belize because most people frown upon males wearing make up.  But  I can say that since I started posting pictures and videos I see more gay men expressing  love for make up and that makes me happy. I also have a couple of people that look up to me and it’s so great to know that I inspire them.

I just want to be authentic to everyone and let them see the real me. I want them to see me for who I am and not for what people think I could or should be.



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Welcome to my life as Beauty and the Kinks. This site is a direct reflection of my natural hair journey and my love for makeup and all things beautiful!

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