How to wax at home – DIY hair removal|Painless Wax

How to wax at home – DIY hair removal (sponsored)

I’ve been STRUGGLING with hair removal for a while especially when it comes to facial hair. I’ve tried numerous options, but they were either too painful or I wasn’t satisfied with the results.
Luckily I was sent these Hard Wax Beans! There is something about the Hard Wax that easily removes the hair with virtually no pain(when compared to strip waxing) The formula used for the Pearl Wax is unique, it easily melts and was super easy to use.
I had to wax the area more than once because of the direction I placed the wax, but overall I am extremely impressed with the product. So the answer to everyones question “Does this painless hard wax really work?” YES it REALLY DOES!


Hit the link below to purchase yours:


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