ALOETTE’s AloePure SkinCare: Time Repair Serum

Late…. Extremely late!!! I have NO idea why it took me soo long to sit and write a review about this product…. Well …

  1. Probably because I really didn’t start using it until May of this year and…
  2. My bottle is almost done and I’m super bummed about it, which kind of served as a reminder to review it!

Nonetheless here goes:

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN when I tell you that this has helped rejuvenate and bring new life to my skin PLEASE believe me! I’ve never had any ‘major’ issues with my skin and for the most part I’ve maintained ‘ok’ results by using ‘ok’ products, but baby… this stuff is now a MUST HAVE for my skin care routine! I initially got this in my August BoxyCharm box… back in August…..of last year! (I know I know) I tried it once or twice during the year but found myself tempted to try newly advertised products from Neutrogena and L’Oréal. It wasn’t until I had packed this as a back-up moisturizer and truly realized its potential. The combination of ingredients that they’ve managed to pack into that little bottle are mind blowing. The Aloepure Time Repair serum, does exactly that it repairs what time has done to your skin, adding moisture, nourishment and elasticity. After just a few days of consistent use (once a day), I found my skin looking smooth, hydrated and youthful. Aloe-Vera is known for is for the healing properties it provides to skin, whether it be from wounds or from chronic skin problems, and it is the second ingredient listed, only surpassed by water.

As much as I LOVE this product there is, what could potentially be a con… price. Yes this bottle of magic is a bit pricy retailing for $48 on the official aloette website. Honestly initially I was like “THANK YOU BoxyCharm, I sure wasn’t gonna spend $50 on that”, but after truly trying it out and using it consistently I will be purchasing my own bottle as soon as I drip the last drop out of this one. Seriously, I like a lot of products that I try, but rarely do I RAVE about products, and this is in my Top 5 brands for skincare. If you’re serious about your skincare, I truly do recommend adding this to your regimen, you’ll love it!


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