Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel| Review

The first time I tried edge control(believe it or not)was April of this year, 2017. I had never done much with my edges when styling and if I did do something, I usually just reached for gel. It wasn’t until I saw this product and said…”Why not?”

What a difference it has made. I’ve never been a perfectionist when it comes to my hair, frizz never bothered me too much and I truly didn’t pay much attention to my edges. Honestly, I avoided styling products because of the stigma of how they would supposedly leave my hair feeling; not to mention the tale of endless residue. So… I stuck to natural oils, conditioners, occasionally styling creams and gels.

But  here we are today and I am RAVING about the Organic Root Simulator Olive Oil with Pequi Oil Edge Control Gel! The fact that this product leaves my hair smooth, sleek and pinned down ALL DAY is a miracle!!! Even when trying to do buns or up do’s with gel it would dry and I’d see some ‘stray-a-ways’, but the ORS Edge Control  makes all the difference. This product is alcohol free and there is no flakes or build up. With natural ingredients like Olive Oil and Pequi Oil For Smoothing, it adds moisture directly to your hair. Overall this product is a must have for my day to day styling!





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