Skin Care Tips for Cooler Weather- Fall/Winter

Summer is gone( bitter sweet) and now its time for sweaters scarves and boots!!!!! Its also time to give our skin some extra care in order to prep it for the cooler tempts and dryer air


Choosing your Cleanser carefully

  • For the colder seasons try picking up a facial cleanser that helps boost and retain moisture. Try to avoid using cleansers that foam up and cleansers that contain glycolic or salicylic acid, as they may further strip the skin of its natural oils and only add to drying out the skin.

Gently Exfoliate – Let your facial cleansing brushes rest a bit

  • For healthier skin it is a good idea to included exfoliating in your skin care routine, however, try alternating you days and not using you exfoliating brushes as often. While exfoliating helps to thoroughly cleanse the skin try not to over scrub your skin in the cooler seasons.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize – DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP

  • At any time of year, on every single day, we should be MOISTURIZING regularly. For Colder weather, go for an oil based moisturizer that will help your skin retain moisture. Look for something a bit thicker and creamier than normal, also be sure to moisturize ASAP. Applying your moisturizer as soon as you’re out the shower or have washed your face, will allow the moisturizer to seal in the dampness.


  • With fall and winter the cooler temperature force us indoors, and that dry heat can have harsh effects on the skin, so having a serum at easy access can help you to hydrate your skin throughout the day. You can also look for facial mists.

Hydrate from within

With temperature’s dropping we find ourselves reaching for warmer drinks and as result drinking less water. We need to always remember to nourish our skin from within and eating as healthy as possible. Eat foods high in vitamin C, zinc and Omega- 3 to help with the overall elasticity and collagen production as well as to help you skin appear supple


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