How can one become a lazy (and still) fabulous naturlaista??!!

So this past week has been somewhat busy and my energy level was very low. As much as I wanted to put effort into my hair, lack of time and energy worked against me. I found myself throwing my hair in a puff for majority of the week and even missed my wash day. I did mist my hair with a leave in and water mixture, but of course it reduced my volume and some of the stretched length. Untouched, my 8 day old wash and go was full of volume, and was stretched to a nice length but it was a bit dry and frizzy. Misting did help with moisturizing but definitely added to the shrinkage. There was a time in the past when I paid little to no attention to my hair and although I still saw (slow) growth, my hair was never this healthy and vibrant, so I don’t want to revert. I want to continue this natural hair journey and I know that healthy results will only come from a healthy routine. But what if we just cant find enough time or energy?
Is there a healthy balance? Can we maintain and grow healthy natural hair with limited time and effort?
I’m not sure how but I’ll definitely let you all know if I find an easier way to manage and style my fro on those days, and/or weeks, when we simply don’t have the time.



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