Coconut Oil: My Hair’s Best Friend

coconutoilCoconut oil… I absolutely love this stuff! It provides a plethora of hair benefits for every hair type and condition and can help with just about any issue your hair or scalp may be experiencing.

It definitely provides health benefits with its antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties. It can help treat and prevent lice, dandruff and balding.

Of course like most oils it helps with providing and locking in the moisture, to help with elasticity and strengthening. The more moisture you hair holds the more you can prevent breakage. If you add the oil to your hair routine, you’ll find that your hair will grow healthier and stronger, and the oil will make your hair softer, and will add shine and volume. You will definitely see general improvement, with increased usage.  Adding coconut oil to your deep conditioning routine can aid in the growth of your hair. The protein and nutrients in the oil provide a major boost to promote healthy hair growth and development.

I’ve always had really bad dandruff, ever since I was kid and even when I used to relax my hair there were still clumps of flakes on my scalp. I found that when I started incorporating coconut oil into my hair regimen, my scalp slowly saw less and less dandruff. By just warming the oil and using it to gently massage my scalp weekly, I saw drastic improvement.

For damaged, dry or brittle hair, use coconut oil to restore the much needed protein. Protein loss is a major factor in damaged hair, but coconut oil contains hair proteins and can provide complete nutrition to the hair follicles to make up for the proteins they have lost. The lauric acid found in coconut oil has a high affinity for hair protein, and easily penetrates inside the hair shaft. You can use the oil by coating the hair (let it sit for at least 30mins) and then rinsing as a treatment or you can use it as a pre-wash or as a post-wash for hair grooming.

Personally coconut oil is my favorite, try it and reap the benefits!

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  1. I have relaxed hair and have alot of dandruff and i would find myself just itching it so if i heat the coconut oil it would help and do you have to wash it out, also would you mind checking out my blog and maybe like and comment?

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