My Beauty-filled Life and Natural Hair Journey Pt 2(My Hair Journey)


My hair journey has been quite interesting. I can remember from early childhood to adulthood, I was getting the creamy crack (hair relaxer) to straighten out my kinks. As far as my hair was concerned a perm was a requirement. Of course in my later years I dabbled with coloring and weaves, but for whatever reason I used to think that I HAD TO HAVE long straight hair to look my best. One day I just told myself “Girl, you have a good head of hair, you don’t need a perm!”  so December of 2011 I started transitioning. I started this transition w absolutely no guidance, and no research I just started growing my hair. Unfortunately, not knowing the extent to which constant heat could hinder growth and extensively damaged my hair, I continued to flat iron for about 4 months, and would continue to use clip in extensions. By April my kinks and coils had still managed to outgrow my straight ends so I got a haircut and let me tell you “it gave me life!”  But when I got the ‘bob’ it was straight so of course I kept straightening my hair for another 4 months. I soon discovered the braid out, by accident. I was just way too tired to blow dry and straighten after washing one night and then when I took down the braids the next day I was extremely pleased with the results. Rocking the braid out and an occasional weave was about as much diversity that my hair experienced.  So here I am, almost 4yrs after starting my transition, fully natural , and finally learning how to care, manage, style and have fun with my fro.  So, my hair blogs will share what I’ve learned and what I’m still learning on my natural hair journey.

Peace Love and Laughter!