My Beauty-filled Life and Natural Hair Journey

Hello Beautiful People!!!

I’m here to share my journey of self love, self confidence and how I managed to boost my self-esteem.  For years I battled with the way I viewed myself and what I thought the ideal woman was supposed to look like.  From hair length and texture, to body weight, type and image, I was confused, I was depressed, and I was soooooooo wrong! Over time I learned that there was no perfect woman, no perfect weight and there were absolutely no requirements that I hadn’t met, to be the beautiful woman I already was.


Makeup helped to set me free.  I was somewhat aware that I was beautiful, naturally, but low self-esteem stemming from weight issues, stifled any positive image I had of myself. Then I started to experiment with makeup. I always had an obsession, always gravitated to the cosmetics isle or store, and I started a kit, without really knowing that I was. At that time I had never learned the proper techniques and application process. The more I researched, the more I experimented and the more I taught myself, I started noticing a shift in my confidence. I was no longer self conscious about what I was wearing or how I looked in my clothes. I saw the subtle differences makeup made and it felt like an extra pop of pretty, my confidence grew so much that with or without makeup I KNEW I was beautiful. People around me started noticing the makeup as well and with time and practice, and a few workshops and classes, my skills improved and I started professionally offering my services as a makeup artist. I found that helping other women feel more confident by enhancing their natural beauty grew into a passion. So, my beauty (makeup) blogs are to give any makeup tips, tricks, techniques and trends that can help women feel more beautiful.

Check out Part 2 for my natural hair journey!!!

Peace Love and Laughter!



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Welcome to my life as Beauty and the Kinks. This site is a direct reflection of my natural hair journey and my love for makeup and all things beautiful!

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